Warning: You’re Losing Money by not using Medical Device Translation


Not all translation is created equal. Your documents are written by subject matter specialists because you work for a pharma-startup, an established medical device manufacturer or somewhere else in the medical device industry. You take special care in choosing a technical writer to create this new content, they’re not only trained as a writer, and they’re also very familiar with your technology. The accuracy of this documentation is important. You understand exactly why it’s important. You spent a lot of time, talent and money to create this document in English. Your medical device receives approval and you release it. Now what?

You need to reach more markets. You need to have your product translated and localized. You need to translate the text but also make your text relevant in the target market. It is a complicated and frequently an expensive process but is often well worth it. The rewards you can reap from expanding a product line into a foreign market can far exceed your initial investment. More markets mean more customers. To reach this goal, you need to partner up with a language service provide who specializes in medical translation and is experienced with the in-country reviewer (ICR) process. You had the original content produced by a technical writer and subject-matter expert, you need the translator to meet and exceed those credentials as well.

There are a lot of potential customers you cannot reach unless you translate your product documentation. Medical device translation requires specialized knowledge as well as language expertise. It can mean translating your documentation as well as localizing the actual device user interface (GUI) into the languages of your target markets.

With the right language partner, your company can grow into global markets. Without this specialized translation, imagine what you’re missing out on!

JLS Language Corporation offers high-quality translation services in Silicon Valley and beyond. We help bridge communication gaps in our diverse world, working in multiple languages and for many different industries, including medical, technical, and legal. JLS services include translation, interpreting, and website or software localization. Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

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